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Dental Bridges From Dripping Springs Family Smiles Can Fix Your Smile in Dripping Springs, TX

Are you missing one or more teeth? At Dripping Springs Family Smiles, we can help you close gaps in your smile, and we might be able to use a dental bridge in Dripping Springs, TX to replace one or more missing teeth. We want to review all of your options with you, so learn more about dental bridges below. Then, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is designed to replace one or more missing teeth. Usually, a dental bridge is a crown that is anchored to the surrounding teeth on either side. This treatment option is permanently cemented on the surrounding teeth. Once the dental bridge is in place, you should be able to speak and eat normally while enjoying the appearance of a full smile once again.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are several problems you might experience. They include:

  • You might have an issue eating, biting, or chewing, depending on the location of the missing tooth.

  • When a tooth is missing, adjacent teeth tend to shift out of place, causing alignment issues.

  • You might also find yourself trying to hide your smile because you are missing a tooth.

A dental bridge can help you address all of these issues by providing you with a permanent tooth replacement option.

How Is a Dental Bridge Placed?

There are several steps involved in placing a dental bridge, and they will depend on the type of dental bridge you choose. First, a dentist from our office will prepare the surrounding teeth for the dental crowns. The preparation process will vary depending on the type of bridge you select.

Then, we will take an impression or digital scan of your teeth to make sure the dental bridge is fabricated to fit your smile perfectly. A dental lab will fabricate the dental bridge and customize the contour and color to match your adjacent teeth.

Finally, we will let you know once the bridge is made, and schedule you to have it placed in the office. We will also make sure that your dental bridge fits perfectly before the end of the visit.

Schedule Your Consultation for a Dental Bridge at Dripping Springs Family Smiles

Do you want to restore your smile? If so, we might be able to use a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth. At Dripping Springs Family Smiles, Dr. Gianna Quintana and Dr. Christopher DeMarco would be happy to review your treatment options with you. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, full smile, and a dental bridge could help you get there. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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