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Teeth Whitening

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Professional Teeth Whitening From Dripping Springs Family Smiles in Dripping Springs, TX

Are you concerned because your smile doesn’t quite look the way you want it to? If so, professional teeth whitening might be right for you. We are Dripping Springs Family Smiles, and it would be our pleasure to provide you with professional teeth whitening in Dripping Springs, TX. Learn more about our teeth whitening services below, and reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Our patients have teeth whitening options to fit their lifestyle and budget! For any type of whitening, Drs. Quintana and DeMarco recommend having an exam and professional teeth cleaning prior to whitening to ensure the patient’s health first and get the best results from the whitening treatment.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This fast and powerful professional in-office teeth whitening allows patients to brighten their smile significantly in a single visit. Results are typically longer lasting than other types of teeth whitening and can often last 12 months or longer, especially for patients who avoid foods and drinks that stain such as coffee and red wine.

Custom-Fitted Teeth Whitening System

Patients often choose this option due to the convenience of this at-home teeth whitening process. Custom-made trays are molded to the patients exact tooth and gum structure which helps prevent whitening gel from irritating gums and get in between teeth for better overall whitening of each tooth. Along with the custom trays, patients get syringes of professional grade whitening gel that can last for several treatments with results that can last for months.

On the Go Teeth Whitening

Our most affordable option for teeth whitening provides patients with disposable teeth whitening trays that are pre-filled with whitening solution and conform to your smile. Due to the lower percentage of whitening solution, this option can be helpful for patients with tooth sensitivity.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

First, you might be wondering why your teeth are stained. There are a few reasons why you might have stained teeth. They include:

  • Your teeth might be stained because of the dark liquids that you drink. A few of the most common culprits include tea, coffee, and soda.

  • You might also have stained teeth as a medication side effect. For example, doxycycline and tetracycline can stain your teeth.

  • If you used tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and cigarettes, your teeth might be stained.

  • Sometimes, genetics can also contribute to stained teeth.

Regardless of the reason why your teeth might be stained, we can help you whiten them.

How Do I Whiten My Teeth?

There are multiple ways you can whiten your teeth, but we offer customized, take-home trays that can help you achieve the pearly whites you have always wanted! We always start by customizing your trays to match the exact shape of your smile, ensuring that we whiten your teeth evenly. Then, we provide you with a take-home option, allowing you to whiten your teeth on your own time. We will show you exactly how to whiten your teeth, how to track the benefits, and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Why Work With a Professional Dentist?

You might be able to find teeth whitening solutions over the counter, but we believe it is always better to work with a professional dentist. Some of the top benefits include:

  • A professional dentist can provide you with a customizable option that will perfectly match the shape of your teeth.

  • A trained dentist understands how to help you minimize tooth sensitivity.

  • You can also reduce your chances of developing side effects if you work with a professional dentist.

If you are looking for a way to quickly and efficiently whiten your teeth, count on our team to help you.

Contact Dripping Springs Family Smiles for Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Do you want to improve your self-confidence? If so, you deserve a beautiful smile! At Dripping Springs Family Smiles, Dr. Gianna Quintana and Dr. Christopher DeMarco are always available to help you whiten your teeth. We would be happy to provide you with teeth whitening trays that have been customized to match your smile, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment! We want to help you achieve the smile you deserve.

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